South Eastern Area High Seas Forecast


High Seas Forecast for South Eastern Metarea 10
Issued by the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, BNOC
For 24 hours commencing 1100 UTC 1 December 2015

Wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than the averages given here,
and maximum waves may be up to twice the height.

Part 1 Warnings
Melbourne Gale Warning 3 issued 010613UTC:
Area bounded by: 41S139E 42S145E 44S146E 43S148E 45S149E 45S139E 41S139E.

Part 2 Situation at 0600 UTC
Refer to latest warnings.

Ridge [1] 34S170E 28S158E, near stationary.

Ridge [2] 34S129E 34S137E. Forecast from high 1025 hPa near 36S129E to 34S140E
at 011800UTC and 36S129E to high 1028 hPa near 36S134E to 36S141E at 020600UTC.

Ridge [3] 48S141E 49S147E 48S150E 42S151E. Forecast 47S150E 50S153E at
011800UTC, weakening by 020001UTC.

Trough 50S137E to low [1] 995 hPa near 45S142E to 39S143E. Forecast 50S143E to
low [2] 1002 hPa near 48S146E to 46S148E 40S149E at 011800UTC and 45S157E to
low [1] 994 hPa near 50S157E at 020006UTC.

Cold front 50S159E 44S154E 38S153E 35S147E. Forecast 32S152E 37S155E 43S157E to
low [1] 999 hPa near 46S151E at 011800UTC and 29S153E 34S158E 39S160E 45S162E
50S161E at 020600UTC.

Warm front [1] forecast 50S135E 45S135E at 011800UTC and 45S145E 50S145E at

Warm front [2] forecast from low 999 hPa near 46S151E 50S167E at 011800UTC,
moving south of the area by 020001UTC.

Part 3 Forecast
Refer to latest warnings.

Within 180nm of ridges and remainder N of ridge [1]:
Variable winds below 20 knots tending NE quarter 10/20 knots along ridge [1]
and E quarter remainder north of ridge [1]. Slight to moderate seas. Low swell
becoming moderate along ridge [2].

Remainder north of ridge [2]:
S quarter winds 15/25 knots tending SE quarter by 011800UTC. Moderate to rough
seas. Moderate to heavy swell.

Remainder east of cold front and warm front [2]:
N quarter winds 15/25 knots increasing to 20/30 knots 300nm east of cold front
and warm front [2].
Moderate to rough seas. Low swell.

Remainder west of cold front and warm front, outside warning area:
W quarter winds tending clockwise within 360nm of low [1], SW quarter remainder
north of 40S and S quarter east of 150E north of 40S. Clockwise winds
contracting to within 240nm of low by 020600UTC. Wind speeds 15/25 knots
increasing to 20/30 east of a line 43S129E 43S138E 38S138E and grading to 20/33
knots within 120nm of warning area. Moderate to rough seas.

Rain areas, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms within 180nm of
troughs, 240nm of fronts and low [1] and 180nm of low[2]. Scattered showers
remainder south of 40S. Visibility reducing below 2nm in precipitation.


The next routine forecast will be issued at 20:00 UTC Tuesday.