Western Area High Seas Forecast


High Seas Forecast for Western METAREA 10
WESTERN AREA: 12/30S 90/125E, 30/50S 80/129E

Issued by the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
For 24 hours commencing 1100 UTC 19 April 2021

Part 1 Warnings
Melbourne Storm Force Wind Warning 7.

Part 2 Situation at 0600 UTC
Cold front [1] 36S119E 38S129E. East of area by 191200UTC.

Ridge from high 1030hPa near 33S095E to 40S112E 64S129E. East of area by

Cold front [2] 34S080E 43S092E 60S102E. Forecast 38S114E 46S129E at 201200UTC.

Cold front [3] approaching from west, forecast 44S065E 51S077E at 201200UTC.

Part 3 Forecast
Refer to latest warnings.

Within area enclosed by 22S114E 22S111E 29S112E 29S115E:
Southerly quarter winds reaching 30 knots. Moderate to rough seas. Low to
moderate swell.

South of line 43S080E 35S129E, outside warning area:
Westerly quarter winds east of front [1] shifting southerly quarter east of
ridge, northwest quarter east of front [2], westerly quarter west of front [2]
and northwest quarter again within 480nm east of front [3]. Wind speeds 20/33
knots. Rough to very rough seas. Moderate to heavy swell.

Winds not exceeding 25 knots. Moderate to rough seas. Low to moderate swell.

Rain areas, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms within 240nm of
fronts. Scattered showers north of 30S west from 100E. Visibility reducing
below 2nm in precipitation.

Please be aware
Wind and wave forecasts are averages. Wind gusts can be 40 per cent stronger
than the forecast, and stronger still in squalls and thunderstorms. Maximum
waves can be twice the forecast height.


The next routine forecast will be issued at 21:00 UTC Monday.