Western Area High Seas Forecast


High Seas Forecast for Western Metarea 10
WESTERN AREA: 12/30S 90/125E, 30/50S 80/129E
Issued by the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, BNOC
For 24 hours commencing 2300 UTC 1 July 2015

Wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than the averages given here,
and maximum waves may be up to twice the height.

Part 1 Warnings
Melbourne Gale Warning 5 issued 011846UTC:
Area bounded by 48S094E 48S106E 47S105E 48S117E 48S129E 47S13E 50S143E 50S089E

Melbourne Gale Warning 7 issued 011850UTC:
Area bounded by 33S080E 39S094E 43S095E 45S090E 44S084E 41S080E 33S080E.

Part 2 Situation at 1800 UTC
Refer to latest warnings.

Ridge [1] 27S083E to high 1027 hPa near 32S093E to 40S106E 42S119E 39S129E.
Forecast 25S086E to high 1028 hPa near 32S096E to 41S110E 41S120E 39S129E at
020600UTC and 25S087E to high 1027 hPa near 31S099E to 40S114E 38S125E 36S129E
at 021800UTC.

Ridge [2] from high 1027 hPa near 32S093E to 23S102E 23S114E. Forecast from
high 1028 hPa near 32S096E to 23S102E 23S114E at 020600UTC and from high 1027
hPa near 31S099E to 26S110E 26S115E at 021800UTC.

Ridge [3] 45S080E 42S091E. Forecast 45S080E 47S087E 46S095E 42S102E at
020600UTC and 48S086E 50S091E 51S097E 44S112E 40S114E at 021800UTC.

Cold front [1] 41S093E 45S103E 50S110E. Forecast 42S103E 46S115E 50S122E at
020600UTC and 43S116E 47S129E at 021800UTC.

Cold front [2] approaching far west of area and forecast 34S080E 39S084E to low
991 hPa near 42S083E at 020600UTC and 31S080E 36S090E 43S094E to low 984 hPa
near 46S091E at 021800UTC.

Trough 24S107E 32S110E 38S107E. Forecast 24S109E 32S113E 39S113E at 020600UTC
and 27S113E 33S116E 39S117E at 021800UTC.

Part 3 Forecast
Refer to latest warnings.
Within 120nm of ridges and 180nm of high:
Variable winds below 20 knots. Slight to moderate seas. Moderate to heavy swell.

Remainder north of ridges [1] and [2]:
E quarter winds 10/20 knots tending SE quarter west of 105E and reaching 25
knots at times. Slight to moderate seas. Moderate swell easing to low east of

Remainder between ridges [1] and [2]:
SW quarter winds west of trough tending N quarter east of trough. Wind speeds
10/20 knots reaching 25 knots at times within 120nm of trough until 020600UTC.
Slight to moderate seas. Moderate swell.

Remainder south of ridge [1] outside warning areas:
NW quarter winds east of cold front [1] and N quarter winds east of cold front
[2] north from ridge [3]. SW quarter winds west of cold front [2] and clockwise
winds within 180nm of low. W quarter winds remainder although winds tending NW
again in the far west after 021800UTC. Wind speeds 20/33 knots outside warning
areas. Moderate to rough seas. Moderate to heavy swell.

Rain areas, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms within 240nm of cold
fronts and 180nm east of trough. Scattered to isolated showers remainder south
of ridge [1] away from ridge [3]. Visibility reducing below 2nm in


The next routine forecast will be issued at 09:00 UTC Thursday.