Web Technology

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology recognises the need for supporting international web standards.

The content on the page you came from is accessible to all browsers and internet devices, but may not display well in browsers which do not comply with these standards.

Consider upgrading to a browser that offers improved standards compliance. Recently released browsers generally have much improved support for standards.

Many browsers are available free via the Internet. A 'search' for 'free browser' should return a range of options. 'Dial-up' Internet users may find it more convenient to update from a CDROM. Free browsers are sometimes available on CDs provided with computer magazines or other software.


The Bureau site is visited by a vast audience using a wide range of computer technologies. Public feedback assists us to develop suitable web pages and to address problems and issues. Please let us know about technical problems. It is helpful if you can provide the relevant page address and details about the technology you are using, including your web browser type and version number.

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