Changes to your state Weather and Warnings pages

From 12 July, 2012, many of our web pages, including the main page for your State or Territory and pages which list all of the forecasts and observations, will have a new menu layout and functionality. The main body of the pages will remain largely the same, only the menu system is changing. The Bureau home page and other pages will keep their existing left-hand panels.


  • Removal of the left panel with navigation
  • All navigation provided in the drop down menus for each state via the header

Illustration of changes to the Bureau's web menu system for state and national Weather and Warning pages.

Diagram illustrates the changes to the Bureau's website menu system.
  1. Previously, state Weather & Warning page navigation only on the left side.
  2. New state navigation over header links introduced. Left panel (shaded in red) to be removed.
  3. Latest changes remove left navigation altogether.


image: example page without left menu, with dropdown menu

Example of new design for New South Wales Weather and Warnings Summary page.

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