Changes to Product ID Codes for Western Area High Seas Forecast and Ocean Wind Warnings

18 September 2012
* Subject to technical and operational requirements being fulfilled at the time.


The Bureau of Meteorology is planning to change the product ID for the Western High Seas forecast. Changes to some Ocean Wind Warning product IDs associated with the Western area will occur at the same time.

Details of the changes

The product ID for Western High Seas Forecast will change from IDW11900 to IDY10220.

The following product IDs will no longer be used for Ocean Wind Warnings for the Western Area:

  • IDW21100
  • IDW21200
  • IDW21300
  • IDW21400

Ocean Wind Warnings covering the Western and South East High Seas areas will now be issued with a product ID from the following ID pool:

  • IDY21010
  • IDY21020
  • IDY21030
  • IDY21040
  • IDY21050
  • IDY21060