WMO Telecommunications Technical Information

Expert team on Data Communications Systems and Techniques

The following documents have been produced by the WMO Expert Team on Data Communications Systems and Techniques. They relate to the application of TCP/IP on the GTS and are provided to assist WMO Members in implementing TCP/IP based GTS systems.Documents are provided in MS Word and PDF formats. PDF files are much smaller, so will be faster to download.

Information on routing

  • Attachment II-15 to Manual on the GTS, 'Use of TCP/IP on the GTS' MS Word | PDF
  • Laboratory implementation of BGP in several centres, Meteo France (Doc 11 ET-DCST 1999) MS Word | PDF

Case studies

  • Melbourne-Tokyo-Washington plan for implementing pure IP, 1999; MS Word | PDF
  • Melbourne-Jakarta-Singapore IP and XOT implementation MS Word | PDF

Administrative arrangements

  • Memorandum of Understanding on the use of managed data networks in the RMTN of RA V; MS Word | PDF

Network and traffic management

  • Traffic management in IP networks, DWD Germany (Doc 14 ET-DCST 1999) MS Word | PDF

Backup issues

  • Use of ISDN for backup, DWD Germany (Doc 18 ET-DCST 1999) MS Word | PDF