About the AUSWAVE model

Numerical predictions of ocean wave characteristics are provided by the AUSWAVE model, adapted from the WAVEWATCH III model developed by NOAA in the US and implemented operationally by the Bureau of Meteorology. This model uses wind-forcing from the Bureau's ACCESS model.

The full suite of charts from the AUSWAVE model is listed in the tables below and the charts are accessible on Interactive Weather Maps

AUSWAVE Wave Charts

Version WAVEWATCH III version 6.07
Wind Forcing ACCESS-G3
Domain Global 75°S-75°N 0-359°E
Resolution 0.0625 - 0.125°
~12.5 km spatial resolution globally to match with ACCESS-G3 horizontal resolution with refinement around sub-grid scale feature ~6.25 km over shallow/coastal regions
Time Step and Duration Hourly data out to +72hrs (06Z, 18Z runs); 3-hourly data out to +240hrs (00Z,12Z runs)
Model Run Times and Typical Availability Times 00Z run available 1030Z
06Z run available 1300Z
12Z run available 2230Z
18Z run available 0100Z

For more details about AUSWAVE see the Analysis and Prediction Operations Bulletins.

Users interested in accessing raw data via FTP should refer to the AUSWAVE Data Documentation.