Victorian Coastal Weather Station Details

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When using wind data, it is important to remember most coastal stations are located on land so wind speeds may be unrepresentative of the actual wind conditions further out to sea. The reasons for this include:

  • the decrease in wind speed over the land due to the generally rougher land surface.
  • the effects of local topography, especially funnelling near and around headlands.
  • the effects of inshore sea and land breezes.

Some stations are a good distance away from the coast but have been included as they provide some helpful information in areas where there are no other weather stations.
Note: Values for the distance in kilometres from the coast have been rounded up to one decimal place. Values of less than 0.2 km (200 metres) are identified as 'on the coast'.

Station name Station Height (Metres above sea level) Kilometres from coast Site of anemometer
Portland Airport 81 m 6 km Airport
Cape Nelson 45 m On the coast On cliff top
Port Fairy 10 m 0.2 km On sand dunes
Warrnambool 71 m 10 km Airport
Portland Harbour 2.0 m On the coast On breakwall
Cape Otway 82 m 0.2 km On hill behind lighthouse
Aireys Inlet 95 m 1.2 km On hills above inlet
Geelong Airport 33 m 9.4 km Airport
Point Wilson 18 m 2.4 km into Bay On 2km jetty in Port Phillip Bay
Avalon 11 m 4.5 km Airport
Laverton 20 m 5.3 km Airport
Melbourne 113 m 20 km Airport
Fawkner Beacon 10 m 13 km into Bay On navigation structure in Port Phillip Bay
South Channel Island 5 m In the Bay On island in Port Phillip Bay
St Kilda Harbour RMYS 6.4 m 0.6 km into bay On 0.6km jetty in Port Phillip Bay
Moorabbin 12 m 3 km Airport
Frankston 6 m On the coast On primary sand dune
Cerberus 13 m 1.5 km Flat open area
Rhyll 13 m On the coast On small cliffs above Westernport Bay
Phillip Island 7 m 0.4 km Behind dunes and coastal vegetation
Wonthaggi 52 m 4.6 km On hill behind town
Wilsons Promontory 95 m 0.2 km On Clifftop Amongst Lighthouse Buildings
Hogan Island 116 m 0.4 km On Hummock Shaped Island
East Sale 5 m 25 km Airport
Bairnsdale 49 m 17.5 km Airport
Lakes Entrance 43 m 1.4 km On Hill Behind Town
Orbost 63 m 12 km On undulating hills behind town
Point Hicks 27 m On the coast On coastal sand dunes
Mallacoota 22 m 0.2 km Flat - Airport surrounded by coastal scrub
Gabo Island 15 m On the coast Rounded island, NW of lighthouse
Yanakie 13 m 6 km Grassy paddock