Use of Bureau of Meteorology data by other providers

Subject to the Bureau of Meteorology's copyright notice we welcome the use and redistribution of its data in the interests of keeping Australians better informed. In return, we request that all Bureau data is correctly attributed to help us optimise the delivery of the most accurate, timely and accessible information.

While the Bureau's weather, water, climate and environmental data is available to all public and industry channels, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or consistency of information presented on third-party websites or mobile applications, nor endorse the providers who utilise this information. We are also unable to confirm that data provided by third parties is sourced solely from the Bureau of Meteorology.

The Bureau provides a single source of comprehensive and continuously updated information to the public at

At the current time, the Bureau does not provide access to weather, climate or environmental information via a mobile application, but offers comprehensive water storage data through a complimentary app available from iTunes.