The Bureau of Meteorology Data Catalogue

About Data Access and Licenses

Types of Data Access

Data and data products (henceforth referred to, for brevity, as 'data') available from the Bureau is offered under a range of conditions:

  • Unregistered access: Data is directly available, at no cost, without registration.
  • Registered access: Data is available at no cost, but requires registration.
  • Charges for access/use: Data is available for a fee and requires registration.

Data Access — How to Find Access Details

The data catalogue's metadata records, where possible, provide data access links under Data Distribution Information.

Data Access links within a record show where you can access the data. These links either link directly to the data, or link to a webpage where you can register and/or become a paid subscriber. Sometimes, data access links might instead link to additional information about the data (such as to a data specification, or an "ABOUT" webpage). A quick-link to the Data Distribution Information section of a record is provided in the top right hand side "Get Data" link, when viewing a record.

Licensed Conditions on Data Use: What They Are, and How to Find Them

Each dataset (whether no-cost or not) has a form of license constraints on data use. The license constraints define how the data may be used and are typically about:

  • attribution (typically to the Bureau),
  • whether the data may be re-distributed, and
  • whether the data can be used for commercial purposes.

The data must only be used in accordance with the license constraints.

Data License conditions (and other Use Limitation information) are under the Dataset Constraints section in each record. A quick-link to the Dataset Constraints section of a record is provided in the top right hand side "Licensing and Use" link, when viewing any record.

Image of getData link
"Get Data" and "Dataset Constraints" quick-links.