The 2021 Bureau of Meteorology Annual research and development workshop will be held online from the 8th – 11th of November.

From the South Pole and the southern oceans through cities, farmland and deserts to the tropical rainforests, the Bureau of Meteorology provides valuable services for a vast range of climates. Each climate zone comes with forecasting challenges: from predicting sea ice coverage to preparing communities for extreme weather events, drought, flood, fire, cyclone and hail.

The Bureau's vision is to provide seamless and targeted services across all time scales from past observations to multi-decadal climate projections. Delivering on that vision, through a range of products that meet our customers' diverse needs requires national partnerships with industries and academia, and international collaborations across multi disciplinary science.

One year into the 10 year R&D Plan, this workshop will celebrate the research and innovation and the partnerships that enable us to provide:

  • Customised impact-based forecasts and warnings when and where it counts: more localised, timely and better information for cities and regional areas,
  • Reliable and trusted forecasts: enhanced assimilation of observations for more accurate predictions,
  • An earth system numerical prediction capability: fully integrated atmosphere, ocean, sea-ice and hydrology models,
  • Seamless weather and climate insights: historical observations to predictions, from minutes to decades.

The workshop aims to bring together experts from across these fields to discuss the latest scientific innovations and how we can work together to provide the Australian and international community with improved services and decision-making capabilities, resulting in greater impact and value. The workshop is open to all and attendees are invited to contribute to the poster session. Talks will be solicited from Australian and international experts across the range of disciplines. There will be prizes awarded to three poster presenters.


Register to attend the conference here. We encourage submission of pdf posters. If you would like to present a poster, please indicate this on the registration form. Registration will close on October 31st.


A program with a list of posters for the workshop is now available. A book of abstracts is now available.

Information for Workshop

Please follow linked documents for detailed information:

Sessions and confirmed Keynote Speakers

Tropical Weather and Climate

Dr Martin Singh (Monash University, Australia)
Dr Eunpa Lim (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)

Coastal Impacts

Dr Stefan Zieger (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)

New Approaches for Using Observations

Dr Estel Cardellach (Instituto de Ciencias del Espacio, Spain)
Dr Stephen English (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, UK)

Risk and Societal Impact

Dr Julie Demuth (National Centre for Atmospheric Research, USA)
Dr Blair Trewin (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)
Dr Tanya Fiedler (University of Sydney Business School, Australia)

New Research on Clouds and Precipitation

Dr Alison Stirling (Met Office, UK)
Dr Andreas Becker (Deutscher Wetterdienst, Germany)

Climate and Weather Science for Energy, Agriculture and Services

Prof Francisco Doblas-Reyes (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, Spain)
Dr Doerte Jakob (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)
Mike Davidson (Australian Energy Market Operator, Australia)

Urban Weather

Prof Hartmut Bösch (University of Leicester, UK)
Dr Richard Engelen (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Services, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, UK)
Prof Sue Grimmond (University of Reading, UK)

Fire and Drought

Prof John Abatzoglou (University of Idaho, USA)
Prof Simon Dadson (Center for Ecology and Hydrology, UK)
A/Prof Marta Yebra (Australian National University, Australia)

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

Prof Greg McFarquhar (University of Oklahoma, USA)
Dr Sonya Fiddes (University of Tasmania, Australia)

Innovations in Products and Forecasts

Dr Antje Weisheimer (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, UK)
Dr Tim Graham (Met Office, UK)

This year the Annual R&D Workshop is supported by the following generous sponsors:

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