Daily Weather Review


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
South Australia

Daily Weather Review for South Australia

Issued at 4:30 pm CDT on Saturday 1 November 2014.

Weather Situation

A southerly change moved eastwards out of the State early this morning, and resulted in fresh and gusty winds throughout the day. Isolated thunderstorms and showers were observed in the Northeast Pastoral before dawn. Isolated showers were also observed about the central and eastern coasts in the early hours of the morning, and the southeastern districts throughout the day. Maximum day time temperatures were generally below average as a result of the southerly trajectory, while overnight minimum temperatures were generally about average.

Highest rainfall in the 24 hours to 9am was 8.4 mm at Marla.
The overnight minimum temperature range was from 5.9 degrees at Mount Lofty to 24.0 degrees at Moomba.
The daytime highest temperatures recorded to 4pm ranged from 12.3 degrees at Mount Lofty to 33.3 degrees at Mount Ive.

Today's Weather for South Australia to 4pm

Highest Maximum Temperatures Lowest Minimum Temperatures
Mount Ive 33.3 C Mount Lofty 5.9 C
Moomba 31.0 C Mount Crawford 7.5 C
Oodnadatta 28.4 C Mount Barker 8.6 C
Lowest Maximum Temperatures Highest Minimum Temperatures
Mount Lofty 12.3 C Moomba 24.0 C
Parawa 13.7 C Arkaroola 19.7 C
Mount Gambier 14.0 C Marree Airport 18.6 C
Highest Rainfall
Keith 1.2 mm
Mount Gambier Airport 1.2 mm
Padthaway 1.0 mm

Today's Weather to 4pm


Maximum Temperature 17.8 C at 3:19 pm
Minimum Temperature 13.2 C at 3:49 am
Rainfall 0.0 mm

Rainfall Summary


Month to date 2 mm
Average for November 30 mm
Year to date 505 mm
Average January to end of November 519 mm

The next routine update will be issued at 4:30 pm CDT Sunday.