Regional Report

The Consolidated Regional Report is a collation of results from the 14 Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) Member countries involved in the Tsunami Capacity Assessment project. The report looks at regional commonalities and the status of current tsunami warning and mitigation systems, as well as common recommendations made to improve these systems.

Further detail on a country level can be obtained from the National Tsunami Capacity Assessment Reports found on this website.

Results were accurate at the time the tsunami capacity assessment was undertaken in each country. Since then, some changes to the countries status with regard to particular aspects of their tsunami warning and mitigation system can be expected. As is normally a matter of course when developing projects, it is recommended that each country is consulted to clarify progress since the Tsunami Capacity Assessment as part of project planning. Annexure 4 of the Consolidated Regional Report contains a checklist for development of new projects based on the findings of the Tsunami Capacity Assessment Project.

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