Simple Test For Radar Loops

Simple Test For Radar Loops


You should see 4 different coloured images 1, 2, 3, 4, looping.

Try all combinations of buttons, e.g. click Faster several times, see very fast loops, then click Stop or Step Fwd or Step Back and expect the images to stop and then move one step at a time. Click Continue to start the loop again.

Known problem: In some browsers, if you click the Step Fwd and Step Back buttons too fast (faster than about once-per-second) the browser does not always respond. This is OK - just click them slowly.

If it all works...

If this loop and all of the buttons seem to work well for you, then assume that your browser can handle basic loops.

If something does not work...

If the loop does not run, or any of the buttons do not seem to work properly, please report the fault via the FEEDBACK link, describing which Radar loop tests did work, and which did not.