Norfolk Island Information

Norfolk Island

  • Location: Aerodrome, Norfolk Island. (latitude 29.033 S, longitude 167.933 E)
  • Type: WF 100 C Band
  • Availability (Typical): 24 hours per day

Interpretation Notes

The Norfolk Island radar has good coverage in most directions but trees to the north obstruct the radars view. Being a C Band radar, if there are large thunderstorms around, the radar may not be able to detect accurately the strength of other storms located behind the closest storms. This may also lead to the underestimation of the strength, at times, of very intense isolated storms. Heavy rain over the radar itself will reduce the reliability of the radar in all directions. There may be a tendency to observe areas of false echoes from the sea surface within approximately 50 kilometres of the radar. There is a blind spot of 1 km radius centred on Norfolk Island Airport. Operational constraints may occasionally limit the availability of data from this station.