FTP Public products

All files appear in subdirectories of ftp://ftp.bom.gov.au/anon/gen/


Type describes the nature of the information contained in the product. Types such as Forecast and Observation are issued regularly; Warning and Advice are only issued when relevant hazards are present, so these products will not always appear on the FTP.

Delete time

Delete time refers to the time (in hours) an instance of any product will remain on the FTP. If a subsequent instance of that product is not issued before the delete time period, that product will no longer appear on the FTP.


All products available via the anonymous FTP service are subject to the default terms of the Bureau's copyright notice: you may download, use and copy that material for personal use, or use within your organisation but you may not supply that material to any other person or use it for any commercial purpose. Users intending to publish Bureau data should do so as Registered Users.

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Product ID Description Type Delete time
Product ID Description Type Delete time