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National Water Account 2015

Melbourne: Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities

City of Melbourne,Yarra River Victoria (iStock © Blues and Views)

The Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities presents the changes in water assets and water liabilities that occurred during the reporting year.

This statement is prepared on an accrual basis. The changes in water assets and water liabilities are recognised when the claim to water or the obligation to deliver it is recorded and not when the actual flow occurs. Figure W2 shows the transactions that change the water assets and water liabilities of the region, including:

  • accrual (non-physical) transactions, indicated by the glass of water symbols
  • actual water flows (both natural and engineered), indicated by the arrows.


Figure W2 Changes in water assets and water liabilities for the region during the 2014–15 year
Figure W2 Changes in water assets and water liabilities for the region during the 2014–15 year


for the year ended 30 June 2015

 2015 ML2014 ML
Water asset increases
Surface water increases1,297,2022,025,598
Precipitation 31,43139,796
Runoff 1,105,0961,768,154
Point return: irrigation 12161
Discharge: user
Claims: inter-region160,554217,587
Claims: desalinated water00
Total surface water increases1,297,2022,025,598
Groundwater increases321,614368,823
Inter-region inflow00
Inter-region coastal inflow33,66530,504
Recharge: landscape287,949338,319
Total groundwater increases321,614368,823
Urban water system increases336,882350,537
Wastewater collected336,494350,537
Delivery: inter-region388
Other increases00
Total urban water system increases336,882350,537
Total water asset increases1,955,6982,744,958
Water liability decreases
Surface water liability decreases2,2322,232
Adjustment and forfeiture: individual users1,9671,867
Adjustment and forfeiture: inter-region400365
Total surface water liability decreases2,3672,232
Groundwater liability decreases42,13026,156
Adjustment and forfeiture: individual users42,13026,156
Total groundwater liability decreases42,13026,156
Total water liability decreases44,49728,388
Water asset decreases
Surface water decreases982,7461,394,420
Outflow 854,7171,274,041
Diversion: statutory rights
Non-allocated diversion: individual users12,55013,682
Claims: inter-region60,65062,565
Claims: desalinated water00
Total surface water decreases982,7461,394,420
Groundwater decreases150,634147,712
Inter-region outflow 00
Inter-region coastal outflow 139,716137,638
Discharge: landscape10,91810,074
Extraction: statutory rights
Non-allocated extraction: individual users
Total groundwater decreases150,634147,712
Urban water system decreases697,115701,419
Leakage: landscape5,0134,311
Delivery: urban users368,451363,157
Discharge: irrigation7,5675,769
Discharge: sea261,293275,538
Discharge: other1310
Supply system transfer: inter-region247351
Other supply system decreases15,74514,397
Recycled water delivery: urban users22,63422,072
Other wastewater decreases7155
Supply system delivery: irrigation67112
Total urban water system decreases697,115701,419
Total water asset decreases1,830,4952,243,551
Water liability increases
Surface water liability increases14,64920,436
Allocation: individual users11,14316,545
Allocation: inter-region3,5063,891
Total surface water liability increases14,64920,436
Groundwater liability increases61,17140,468
Allocation: individual users 61,17140,468
Total groundwater liability increases61,17140,468
Total water liability increases75,82060,904
Unaccounted-for difference
Unaccounted-for difference206,214453,231
Unaccounted-for difference206,214453,231
Total unaccounted-for difference206,214453,231
Total unaccounted-for difference206,214453,231
Change in net water assets(112,334)15,660