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National Water Account 2016

Murray–Darling Basin: Statement of Water Flows

The volume of water in the region's surface and groundwater storages at 30 June 2016 was 16,246,869 ML, a marginal increase of 454,400 ML from the start of the 2015–16 year. This primarily reflects an increase in river channel volume due to heavy rainfall that occurred near the end of the reporting period.




The Statement of Water Flows is provided in the table below. The statement presents the actual water flows associated with the water stores of the region that occurred during the reporting year, including flows corresponding to the accrual transactions shown in the Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities.

Items in the statements are hyperlinked to the associated section of the Statement details. Methods used to derive item volumes are provided in the Reference information.


for the year ended 30 June 2016

 2016 ML2015 ML
Water inflows
Surface water inflows 23,709,21117,502,673
Precipitation 1,302,4771,199,912
Inter-region inflow 00
Runoff 19,091,88814,403,148
Point return: irrigation 295,507 297,113
Discharge: urban supply system 00
Discharge: user
Delivery: inter-region agreement 2,392,3091,253,588
Return flow: environmental purposes 590,987314,011
Discharge: wastewater 36,04334,901
Total surface water inflows 23,709,21117,502,673
Groundwater inflows 410,5592,263,928
Inter-region inflow 2,553 2,657
Inter-region coastal inflow 7790
Recharge: landscape 407,3402,189,814
Leakage: farm dams
Leakage: urban system
Leakage: irrigation
Managed aquifer recharge: individual user 589 267
Other increases 0 71,100
Total groundwater inflows 410,5592,263,928
Total water inflows 24,119,77019,766,601
Water outflows
Surface water outflows 23,062,90221,090,090
Evaporation 3,709,214 4,871,102
Outflow 795,000 1,196,000
Recharge: landscape
Overflow: landscape 59,54621,490
Diversions: statutory rights 59,24927,692
Non-allocated diversion: individual users 818,728773,927
Non-allocated surface: urban system 12,255 10,561
River and floodplain losses 9,873,9965,285,926
Allocated diversion: individual users 5,177,9506,561,372
Allocated diversion: urban system 466,198365,820
Allocated diversion: environmental purposes 1,912,8841,695,270
Non-allocated environmental diversions and other environmental decreases 177,882280,930
Total surface water outflows 23,062,90221,090,090
Groundwater outflows 1,616,3913,697,066
Inter-region outflow 5724
Inter-region coastal outflow 1,700 1,532
Discharge: landscape 85,6412,144,416
Extraction: statutory rights 237,669 221,332
Non-allocated extraction: other 03,385
Allocated extractions: individual users 1,270,1771,289,594
Allocated extractions: urban system 21,14736,783
Allocated extractions: environmental purposes 00
Other decreases 00
Total groundwater outflows 1,616,3913,697,066
Total water outflows 24,679,29324,787,156
Unaccounted-for difference
Unaccounted-for difference 1,013,923 1,362,980
Unaccounted-for difference 1,013,923 1,362,980
Total unaccounted-for difference 1,013,923 1,362,980
Total unaccounted-for difference 1,013,9231,362,980
Opening water storage 15,792,46919,450,044
Change in water storage 454,400(3,657,575)
Closing water storage 16,246,86915,792,469