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National Water Account 2016

Sydney: Statement of Water Flows

The volume of water in the region's storages at 30 June 2016 was 2,821,555 ML, an increase of 156,589 ML from the start of the 2015–16 year. This is the region's second consecutive annual increase in storage volume.




The Statement of Water Flows is provided in the table below. The statement presents the actual water flows associated with the water stores of the region that occurred during the reporting year, including flows corresponding to the accrual transactions shown in the Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities.

Items in the statements are hyperlinked to the associated section of the Statement details. Methods used to derive item volumes are provided in the Reference information.


for the year ended 30 June 2016

 2016 ML2015 ML
Water inflows
Surface water inflows5,053,9395,398,435
Discharge: user08
Delivery: inter-region agreement4,4483,068
Total surface water inflows5,053,9395,398,435
Urban water system inflows547,783547,009
Wastewater collected547,783547,009
Delivery: desalinated water00
Total urban water system inflows547,783547,009
Total water inflows5,601,7225,945,444
Water outflows
Surface water outflows4,239,5214,268,114
Evaporation 150,271166,963
Outflow 4,036,219 4,403,694
Diversion: statutory rights32,530 32,530
Allocated diversion: individual users20,50124,927
Total surface water outflows 4,239,5214,628,114
Urban water system outflows1,016,562994,386
Leakage: groundwater37,66537,210
Supply system delivery: urban users491,281478,372
Recycled water delivery: urban users17,50220,515
Discharge: sea432,491443,546
Other supply system decreases10,11314,743
Other wastewater and recycled water system decreases27,5100
Total urban water system outflows1,016,562994,386
Total water outflows5,256,0835,622,500
Unaccounted-for difference
Unaccounted-for difference(189,050)(46,048)
Unaccounted-for difference(189,050)(46,048)
Total unaccounted-for difference(189,050)(46,048)
Total unaccounted-for difference(189,050)(46,048)
Opening water storage2,664,9662,388,070
Change in water storage156,589276,896
Closing water storage2,821,5552,664,966