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National Water Account 2017

Canberra: Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities

Water availability in the Canberra region increased by 5,871 ML during the 2016–17 year. This is the fourth consecutive year that water availability in the region has increased. The change in water available in the region at the end of the year is represented by the change in net water assets.




The Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities is provided in the table below. The statement presents the changes in water assets and water liabilities that occurred during the year, including accrual transactions (e.g. allocations and forfeitures) and actual water flows, both natural and engineered.


 2017 ML2016 ML
Water asset increases
Surface water increases979,190923,224
Inter-region inflow273,071356,494
Flood return2,190
Groundwater increases
Inter-region inflow
Recharge: landscape
Urban water system increases41,00238,646
Wastewater collected40,82138,646
Delivery: inter-region1810
Total water asset increases1,020,192961,870
Water liability decreases
Surface water liability decreases1,8321,832
Adjustment and forfeiture: individual users1,8321,832
Groundwater liability decreases851851
Adjustment and forfeiture: individual users851851
Total water liability decreases2,6832,683
Water asset decreases
Surface water decreases926,432755,014
Leakage: landscape
River and floodplain losses
Overbank flow53,617
Diversion: statutory rights
Non-allocated diversion: individual users2,4232,591
Groundwater decreases1,2591,276
Inter-region outflow
Discharge: landscape
Extraction: statutory rights435435
Non-allocated extraction: individual users824841
Urban water system decreases46,72347,057
Supply system delivery: urban users45,24445,241
Wastewater discharge: landscape33
Other supply system decreases9491,187
Recycled water delivery: urban users133246
Other wastewater and recycled water system decreases394380
Total water asset decreases974,414803,347
Water liability increases
Surface water liability increases1,8321,832
Allocation: individual users1,8321,832
Groundwater liability increases851851
Allocation: individual users851851
Total water liability increases2,6832,683
Unaccounted-for difference(39,907)(150,507)
Change in net water assets5,8718,016