National Water Account 2017

Perth: Key findings

For the water account period 1 July 2016–30 June 2017

  • A wetter start than the previous year and unusually high summer rainfall led to the highest annual rainfall in three years.
  • The wetter conditions contributed to increases in aquifer and surface water storage.
  • Surface water availability remained low and the urban system increased its reliance on desalination.

Climate and water


Rainfall icon

696 mm

below the long-term average


Streamflow iconarrowpointingup

about average

more than last year


Storage icon

35% full


increase from last year   

Water use

Water supplied

Graph showing breakdown of water supplied to users in the Perth region for 2016–17. 59,277 megalitres was supplied to the irrigation scheme or 8% of total water supplied; 282,770 ML was supplied to the urban system or 38% of total water supplied and 411,480 ML was supplied to individual users or 55% of total water supplied

753,527 ML

urban system


irrigation scheme


individual users


Water status

837,486 ML

total surface water and groundwater allocations

186,624 ML

closing net water assets at 30 June 2017

39,883 ML more than last year

320,000 ML

expected water assets at 30 June 2018

increase from this year