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National Water Account 2019

Daly: Statement of Water Flows

for the year ended 30 June 2019

  • The volume of water in the region's storages decreased during 2018–19 for the second successive year.
  • This decrease mainly represents the change in water volume in the region's aquifers.


The Statement of Water Flows is provided below and presents the actual water flows associated with the region's water stores during the year, including flows corresponding to the accrual transactions shown in the Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities.



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Water inflows
Surface water inflows 6,185,22411,705,00313,098,9579,429,2197,540,1918,980,233
Precipitation 45,505110,995174,6389989103
Runoff 5,376,18010,449,36312,010,0008,668,0006,530,0008,013,000
Flood return 23,419302,525127,199
Discharge: wastewater 120120120120102130
Discharge: groundwater* 740.000842,000787,000761,0001,010,000967,000
Groundwater inflows 135,000406,0001,326,000418,000428,000350,000
Inter-region inflow 10,00010,00010,00010,00010,00010,000
Recharge: landscape 120,000370,0001,273,000370,000382,000315,000
Recharge: surface water* 5,00026,00043,00038,00036,00025,000
Total water inflows 6,320,22412,111,00314,424,9579,847,2197,968,1919,330,233
Water outflows
Surface water outflows 2,007,56411,960,24111,753,8729,677,8814,117,4139,441,622
Evaporation 93,448114,719162,59236,18740,19536,119
Outflow 1,900,83511,362,40510,886,0019,594,6264,032,3459,373,000
Overbank flow 0448,049653,665
Diversion: statutory rights 5,3695,3695,3695,3695,3695,369
Allocated diversion: individual users 834973801971**799**245
Allocated diversion: urban system 2,0782,7262,4442,728**2,705**1,889
Recharge: groundwater* 5,00026,00043,00038,00036,00025,000
Groundwater outflows 779,125880,896823,264792,0241,035,600988,665
Inter-region outflow 000000
Discharge: landscape –
Extraction: statutory rights 4,2804,2804,2804,2804,2804,280
Non-allocated extraction: individual users 180180180180180180
Allocated extraction: individual users 34,38234,15731,04425,599**20,247**16,561
Allocated extraction: urban system 283279760965**893**644
Discharge: surface water* 740,000842,000787,000761,0001,010,000967,000
Total water outflows 2,786,68912,841,13712,577,13610,469,9055,153,01310,430,287
Unaccounted-for difference (4,135,948)268,499(1,331,821)286,686**(3,407,272)**472,955
Water storage
Surface water storage 9,56012,97314,608220220314
Opening surface water storage 12,97314,60814,608220314413
Change in surface water storage (3,413)(1,635)00(94)(99)
Closing surface water storage 9,56012,97314,608220220314
Groundwater storage –
Opening groundwater storage –
Change in groundwater storage (599,000)(460,000)516,000(336,000)**(592,000)**(627,000)
Closing groundwater storage –
Total closing water storage –

* between-store flows

** different to published volume in historical accounts (see Governance section for more information)