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National Water Account 2019

Ord: Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities

for the year ended 30 June 2019

  • Water availability decreased during 2018–19 for the second successive year.
  • The change in water available is represented by the change in net water assets.



The Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities is provided in the table below. The statement presents the changes in water assets and water liabilities that occurred during the year, including accrual transactions (e.g. allocations and forfeitures) and actual water flows, both natural and engineered.



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 2019 ML2018 ML2017 ML2016 ML2015 ML2014 ML
Water asset increases
Surface water increases 2,483,1694,248,76528,297,2924,306,3386,467,90114,958,874
Precipitation 426,123568,1591,534,441647,542582,1881,043,170
Runoff 2,005,2543,620,03926,318,6003,607,2115,834,25413,915,118
Point return: irrigation 51,00051,00051,00051,00051,000
Flood return 2078,982392,666
Discharge: wastewater 585585585585459586
Groundwater increases 6,2026,6377,5798,5729,33210,684
Inter-region inflow –
Recharge: landscape 6,2026,6377,5798,5729,33210,684
Total water asset increases 2,489,3714,255,40228,304,8714,314,9106,477,23314,969,558
Water liability decreases
Surface water liability decreases 168,479225,142220,589199,098207,721205,603
Adjustment and forfeiture: individual users 02,1729,19014,402*15,1429,412
Adjustment and forfeiture: urban system 275275294342339302
Adjustment and forfeiture: irrigation 168,204*222,695*211,105*184,354*192,240*195,889
Groundwater liability decreases 2,0461,5716,7035,7044,9013,422
Adjustment and forfeiture: individual users 1,1246495,7634,8363,9742,440
Adjustment and forfeiture: urban system 922922940868927982
Total water liability decreases 170,525226,713227,292204,802212,622209,025
Water asset decreases
Surface water decreases 4,862,3535,904,96219,914,2725,009,3066,264,73710,232,824
Evaporation 1,995,6422,266,8792,310,7972,055,6332,458,0541,384,330
Outflow 2,864,9443,606,75316,921,1692,953,5933,806,6388,848,449
Leakage: landscape 808080804545
Overbank flow 1,68731,250682,226
River loss –
Groundwater decreases –
Inter-region outflow –
Discharge: landscape –
Total water asset decreases 4,862,3535,904,96219,914,2725,009,3066,264,73710,232,824
Water liability increases
Surface water liability increases 407,600421,959425,181424,911425,187376,456
Allocation: individual users 35,10034,45937,68137,33637,61237,581
Allocation: urban system 700700700775775775
Allocation: irrigation 371,800*386,800386,800386,800386,800338,100
Groundwater liability increases 8,2488,20714,23414,28814,20514,012
Allocation: individual users 5,5485,50711,53411,58811,50511,312
Allocation: urban system 2,7002,7002,7002,7002,7002,700
Total water liability increases 415,848430,166439,415439,199439,392390,468
Unaccounted-for difference (463,451)*(959,875)*(4,438,104)*(961,111)*(982,659)*(2,217,825)
Change in net water assets      
Change in net surface water assets (3,081,756)*(2,812,889)*3,740,324*(1,889,892)*(996,961)*2,337,372
Change in net groundwater assets 0148(12)2894
Total change in net water assets  (3,081,756)(2,812,888)3,740,372(1,889,904)(996,933)2,337,466


* different to published volume in historical accounts (see Governance section for more information)