Design changes to town and metropolitan forecast pages for NSW, ACT and VIC

Summary of design changes

  • Cleaner and more compact layout, providing improved readability of each day's information.
  • Full dates given for days 2-7
  • An icon to indicate the weather forecast, plus a text précis.
  • Max and min temperatures more prominent
  • Rainfall information presented as Chance of Rain (percentage and image indicating 10% increments) and total rainfall amount (mm)
  • Issue Date and time will be in bold to indicate any (non-routine) update to the forecast
  • New right hand menu for navigating to locations within the Metropolitan area along with temperature forecasts

annotated screen capture

This new design aims to optimise the weather forecast products for modern, standards-compliant web browsers.
Please note that old browsers may display the new pages in an unexpected way.


These design changes are currently available in NSW, ACT and VIC as part of the national roll-out of the Next Generation Forecast and Warning System. The changes will take effect in TAS and SA in 2011 and the remaining States and Territories will follow.

View the new forecast designs for Melbourne Metropolitan, Sydney or Canberra.

Metropolitan areas

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