Weather Data Services

The Bureau of Meteorology provides Data Services for a number of real-time forecast and observation products that can be used for ingestion by computers. These products are made available on the Bureau ftp site

A product catalogue is also available.

User information

  • The Bureau does not guarantee the availability of information on the ftp site.
  • Please read how to access the Bureau's ftp site and its structure.
  • The Service Announcements page details changes to Bureau services.
  • Use of data should be in accordance with the copyright notice and disclaimer.

Secondary distribution of Bureau of Meteorology information currently freely available on the Bureau's website and ftp site requires formal permission. Correct attribution of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as the source of Bureau information is an important component of any secondary distribution permission that may be granted.  Where Bureau information is to be used on a website, permission for use of that information should be applied for by the website owner.

For further information on these and other products send your request to us via our feedback system or contact the Bureau Office in your capital city.

Text Forecasts and Warnings

Text forecasts for locations are available in the following formats.

Forecasts are also available for land districts and coastal waters zones. Refer to the zone boundary maps.

Weather warnings are available in:

The Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD)

The Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD) contains official weather forecast elements produced by the Bureau of Meteorology, such as temperature, rainfall and weather types, presented in a gridded format and covering the next 7 days. The forecasts in the ADFD are quality controlled by the Bureau’s Operational Meteorologists.

View further information on the Australian Digital Forecast Database.

Australian Capital City précis forecast and observations

The following products are both shown on the Bureau's home page.

  • Forecasts - HTML | Text (updated whenever latest information is available, changes to tomorrow's forecast at 3pm AEST)
  • Observations - HTML (updated every 5 minutes)

Computer model forecasts



Individual stations

The Bureau provides its observational data in a number of formats for use as a data feed.  The 72 hour station based observational products are available in 4 file formats.
To get the URL of a data feed for a weather station -

  1. click on a product link below,
  2. click on the link to the appropriate weather station,
  3. click on the link labeled Other formats, and
  4. select the link to the format that suits your needs.


Table of available product styles for each state
Australian State State Coastal Waters State - All Observations State Capital City Area
Canberra Area Not applicable Not applicable Canberra area
New South Wales - Sydney New South Wales Sydney area
Victoria - Melbourne Victoria Melbourne area
Queensland - Brisbane Queensland Brisbane area
South Australia - Adelaide South Australia Adelaide area
Western Australia - Perth Western Australia Perth area
Tasmania - Hobart Tasmania Hobart area
Antarctic Area Not applicable Antarctica Not applicable
Northern Territory - Darwin Northern Territory Darwin area

Summaries for Australia

A summary of observations across Australia is compiled every 15 minutes and files for the last 24 hours are available on the ftp directory.

Product Formats Filename Notes
Real-Time Synoptic Observations - Australian Region (IDY03000) Data (.axf), or Shape file (.shp) IDY03000.YYYYMMDDTTTT File format
(MS Word)
Real-Time METAR Observations - Australian Region (IDY03100) Data (.axf), or Shape file (.shp) IDY03100.YYYYMMDDTTTT File format
(MS Word)

where YYYYMMDDTTTT is a date-time stamp in UTC (add 10 hours for Eastern Standard Time).

Agricultural Bulletins in XML

Agricultural bulletins containing a summary of agricultural type observations on a daily time scale are available in XML for each State. Click on the state name for the corresponding XML version of the Agricultural Bulletin.

NSW & ACT Vic Qld WA SA Tas NT


Radar images are available from the ftp site.  The filename contains the unique ID code for the Radar, the projection and date/time in UTC.  The map layers used on the Bureau's radar viewer are available in .png file format.

Gridded Climate data

Climatological grids and monthly updated climate files.

Services available to registered users

Further information
If you have any further queries please send an e-mail to:


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