Changes to Ocean wind warning area for South East High Seas area of MetArea X

Implementation date: 1 June 2011

General information

The Bureau of Meteorology is changing the Ocean Wind Warning service for the South East High Seas area of MetArea X. On 1 June 2011 the Adelaide and Melbourne warning areas will be combined. Therefore, a single warning product for the South East High Seas area will be issued by the Melbourne office. Ocean wind warnings will no longer be issued from the Adelaide office. There is no change to the High Seas forecasts for the South East Area.

The change is necessary to reduce duplication of warning products issued for large weather systems simultaneously impacting adjacent warning areas. The single warning will reduce satellite download costs for mariners whilst at sea.

Ocean Wind Warnings for South East warning area are listed below.

  • IDY21000
  • IDY21010
  • IDY21020