New Townsville radar at Hervey Range

Photo of Hervey Range radar tower installation

The new Townsville radar at Hervey Range will replace the existing radar at Mount Stuart, which has been in operation since 1971. The new radar images will be made available on the Bureau website from 11 August 2011.

The new radar is located approximately 21 km south-west of Townsville on the escarpment of Hervey Range at a height of 572m above mean sea level.

The Hervey Range weather radar is the last of 15 radars replaced under the Commonwealth Government's 2003-04 Budget initiative for the replacement or upgrade of weather radars across Australia.

Whilst, in the majority of cases, these types of equipment upgrades simply involve new installations at the existing site, in the case of the Mt Stuart radar, the proliferation of other communication towers made the site undesirable.

For this reason, the new radar was relocated to the Townsville Field Training Area operated by the Australian Defence Force on the Hervey Range escarpment. The new radar has better resolution and a greater sensitivity that will provide more detailed rainfall imagery for the Townsville area.

The radar's primary purpose will be for the detection of rainfall in and around the greater Townsville area, including the long range detection and monitoring of tropical cyclones as they approach the coast.


View the 128 km Townsville (Hervey Range) Radar Loop (available from 11 August 2011)