Launch of the new Melbourne weather observation site

Launch of the new Melbourne weather observation site

Melbourne (Olympic Park) - Tuesday 26 November 2013

Melbourne has a new location for weather observations, located at Olympic Park in the heart of Melbourne’s sporting precinct.

The new Melbourne automatic weather station provides readings of air temperature, wind speed and direction, air pressure, rainfall and relative humidity. Half-hourly readings from the station are available on the Bureau’s website.

The new station has been made possible by the support of Melbourne and Olympic Parks, who have worked in close collaboration with the Bureau to establish it. The new site gives the wider community weather observations for Melbourne which are truly representative of the Melbourne city area. It also gives sporting clubs and authorities which use the venues location-specific weather observations to help manage their events.

The existing Melbourne observation site, located at the Royal Society of Victoria in Latrobe Street, has been operating since 1908. Wind recordings for this station progressively deteriorated over the years due to the obstructions caused by buildings constructed around the city, and were finally switched off in 2009. The new Olympic Park station allows for wind recordings to be taken from the same location as the rest of the weather measurements.

The two stations will operate in tandem for about 18 months, so that the Bureau can compare data from the two locations and identify differences in the readings for forecast and research purposes. In late 2014, the Olympic Park site will become the official point to which the ‘forecast for Melbourne’ refers.

The Bureau of Meteorology has 85 automatic weather stations across Victoria, with 22 located in and around the Melbourne metropolitan area. Latest weather observations for the Melbourne area are available at

The Melbourne (Olympic Park) automatic weather station was officially launched by Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, on Tuesday 26 November 2013.