Industry Solutions

Working in partnerships to strengthen decision-making when it matters most.

Many weather-sensitive industries rely on our services for effective operation. These include offshore oil and gas, onshore mining, energy and renewables, and agriculture just to name few.

We partner with our clients to provide tailored products and services to enhance operational decision-making and strategic planning. Some of the services we offer to industry are:

Offshore Oil & Gas
With our world-leading tropical cyclone and offshore-specific wind and wave forecasts, you are well informed to run your rig operations smoothly, safely and with minimum downtime. From surveying and drilling to construction, production and ongoing maintenance our meteorological support enables you to make decisions with greater certainty.
Onshore Mining
Mining operations can be significantly affected by the weather with impacts such as blowing dust, blast noise, severe weather shut downs and transport delays due to flooding. The Bureau has a range of specialised forecasts, warning and advisory services to improve your long term planning and day-to-day decision-making for economic prosperity of your business.
Energy & Renewables
From site search and selection, through construction and ongoing operations, to wind/solar farm weather forecasting, site specific hazards and severe weather warnings, the Bureau's services assist with effectively anticipating energy needs, network management and prevention of loss of supply.
From planting and cropping, irrigation, drought assistance, to stock control, spraying and farm investment, the Bureau supports farming communities with weather and climate intelligence where informed decisions matter most.

Why partner with the Bureau?

  • Improve safety of your sites - our services will help you to better understand risks of severe weather events on your operations. We will work with you to develop site-specific response and mitigation plans.
  • Increase efficiency - our specialised industry services will help you to manage the impact of weather on your operations leading to downtime reduction.
  • Improve your operational and strategic planning - our long term outlooks and climate change projections will assist you in planning of infrastructure, energy management, crops planting, spraying and pest management, logistics and sales decisions.
  • Demonstrate corporate and social responsibility - our advisory services will help you to understand how you can reduce the impact of operations on the local communities and environment, such as advice on water usage, ground water flow or blowing dust.