Tropical Cyclone Services

About 20% of the Australian population lives in cyclone prone areas and every year industries' capital investment in the tropics increases. Industries most at risk include some of Australia's most valuable: mining, oil and gas, and energy.

We are the Australian Authority responsible for issuing tropical cyclone forecasts and warnings and a world leader in pioneering tropical cyclone science. We translate that expertise and the latest tropical cyclone research into forecasts and consultancy services that are tailored to your needs, including:

Forecasts and warnings
  • Daily forecasts detailing the likelihood of tropical cyclone development within the next seven days
  • Weekly and climate outlooks outlining how the risk of tropical cyclone formation is likely to change
  • Detailed site-specific warnings issued every three to six hours during tropical cyclone events

Expert Advice
  • Detailed briefings and decision support from our experts during events
  • Facilitated industry-wide debriefings following a tropical cyclone event to enable shared learning across the sector
  • Education and training in understanding tropical cyclone hazards and interpreting tropical cyclone products to enable consistent, effective and efficient decision making during events
  • Assistance with writing and testing tropical cyclone response plans and managing business risk associated with tropical cyclones
  • Tailored tropical cyclone research and scientific solutions

Why partner with the Bureau?

  • We will work with you every step on the way from research to operations. The Bureau offers an end-to-end service that optimises each link in the value chain from research and development through to delivery of operational services, response planning and staff training.
  • World leading science. Our researchers are global experts in the science of tropical cyclones, which is recognised through our involvement and leadership in the World Meteorological Organization Tropical Cyclone forums.
  • Improved safety and efficiency. Direct access to our tropical cyclone forecast and warning centres allows you to make operational decisions with greater certainty, reducing downtime while keeping your personnel safe.