International Partnerships

Working in partnerships to strengthen decision-making when it matters most.

Weather, water and climate related disasters such as tropical cyclones, wind storms, flooding, drought, extreme temperatures, bushfires and landslides cause tens of thousands of deaths globally per year, displace hundreds of thousands of people and cause billions of dollars of damage.

Monitoring and predicting weather, water and climate is the job of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services and other government agencies. Effective forecast and warning services enable governments, businesses and communities to prepare for natural disasters and greatly reduce their impact. These services form key components of all National Disaster Risk Reduction strategies.

With a frequent occurrence of extreme weather events in Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology has world-class expertise in tropical cyclones, floods, drought, heatwave and fire weather. Working in partnership with other governments, donor agencies and the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Bureau is able to share this expertise to build capability to deliver these essential services.

Our specialist expertise and international experience includes:

  • Operational tropical cyclone forecasting and warnings.
  • Hydrological forecasting services including short-term flood warnings and longer range stream flow forecasts.
  • Understanding how climate risks are varying over time so that governments can build effective adaptation and climate resilience strategies.
  • Working with National Meteorological and Hydrological Services as well as other agencies to identify and scope requirements to strengthen weather, water and climate services.
  • Internationally accredited training for weather forecasters (including aviation forecasting) and training for service providers.


Climate and oceans support program in the Pacific