VHF Marine Radio Weather Services (Voice)

Staying tuned into the weather is an important role for the skipper or master of the vessel.  Keeping ahead of wind warnings and activating timely operating restrictions are vital for ensuring the safety of your passengers and crew.

Most coastal radio stations provide regular local weather forecasts on VHF radio, with instructions and broadcast times announced regularly on Channel 16.

Remember to always listen on Channel 16 for distress and safety calls.  Information on how to correctly use your VHF radio (Australian Communications and Media Authority).

For more information, the Bureau of Meteorology and Australian Communications and Media Authority have produced a video on using VHF marine radio for weather information.

VHF broadcasts by state and territory authorities

The marine transport and safety agencies of the State and Northern Territory governments are responsible for the dissemination of maritime safety information, including weather information, for small craft (under 300 tonnes) on VHF radio.  Please refer to the relevant VHF operator in your State/Territory.

Area VHF arrangements
New South Wales and ACT
Western Australia
South Australia
Northern Territory


VHF broadcasts from Bureau offices

The Bureau broadcasts VHF marine weather services to some areas in QLD that do not have a state authority provider.


Station Working VHF Frequency 1 Broadcast Times (UTC) 2
Home Hill
(controlled from Townsville)
157.025/161.625MHz (ch80) 2215, 0715 UTC
(0815, 1715 EST)


Broadcast notes

  1. Announcement is first made on 156.800/156.800MHz (ch16) before moving to the working frequency. View information about Correct VHF Radio usage from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).
  2. The broadcasts include local coastal waters forecasts, warnings and observations. Provision is also made for mariners to call in with questions or updates.
  3. Emission code is 16K0F3E (FM).