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National Water Account 2016

Ord: Statement of Water Assets and Water Liabilities

The volume of water available in the Ord region at 30 June 2016 was 7,739,013 ML, compared with 9,613,469 ML at the start of the 2015–16 year. Water availability is represented by the net water assets, which are the volume of water in storages minus the water liabilities.




The Statement of Water Assets and Water Liabilities is provided in the table below. The statement presents the volume of water assets, and water liabilities at the start and end of the reporting year.

Items in the statements are hyperlinked to the associated section of the Statement details. Methods used to derive item volumes are provided in the Reference information.


as at 30 June 2016

 2016 ML2015 ML
Water assets
Surface water8,072,7649,942,970
Unregulated river
Regulated river15,20014,200
Lakes and wetlands
Total surface water8,072,7649,942,970
Water table aquifer
Underlying aquifers
Total groundwater
Total water assets8,072,7649,942,970
Water liabilities
Surface water liability330,292326,055
Allocation remaining: individual users18,86220,585
Allocation remaining: urban system668669
Allocation remaining: irrigation310,762304,801
Total surface water liability330,292326,055
Groundwater liability3,4593,446
Allocation remaining: individual users1,2071,194
Allocation remaining: urban system2,2522,252
Total groundwater liability3,4593,446
Total water liabilities333,751329,501
Opening net water assets9,613,46910,647,609
Change in net water assets(1,874,456)(1,034,140)
Closing net water assets7,739,0139,613,469