Area Forecasts (ARFOR)

ARFOR format has changed

The format of Area Forecasts (ARFORS) changed from text based to graphical on 9 November 2017. The new product is known as a Graphical Area Forecast (GAF) and is available on this website under Aviation Forecasts, Graphical Area Forecasts.

Information about the change is available on the GAF information page.

Information about the product is available by downloading the PDF brochure About Graphical Area Forecasts (GAF).

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Area Forecast Disctricts Map Area 41 Area 69 Area 68 Area 65 Area 66 Area 83 Area 64 Area 61 Area 60 Area 86 Area 80 Area 84 Area 85 Area 52 Area 51 Area 63 Area 62 Area 53 Area 50 Area 70 Area30/32 Area 22 Area 21 Area 20 Area 40 Area 43 Area 44 Area 45

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