Port Air Pressure – Barometer Calibration

The Bureau coordinates a network of around 70 foreign and Australian ships making up the Australian Voluntary Observing Fleet. These ships provide meteorological observations such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, sea surface temperature, wind speed and direction, and visual observations such as wave heights. The data from these ships is crucial to help inform forecasters about current conditions, and to develop coastal and high seas forecasts, and for longer-range computer climate modelling.

Commercial vessels operating within Australian waters routinely perform remote barometer calibration checks when in port. This page now enables ship crew to calibrate their marine barometers in real time and at regular intervals. The table below provides a link to the closest Automatic Weather Station for key ports around Australia. These weather stations update their barometric observations every half hour.

Port Closest weather station Distance from port Link to check latest MSLP
Adelaide Adelaide Airport 13 km Check MSLP
Albany Albany Airport 13 km Check MSLP
Brisbane Brisbane Airport 2 km Check MSLP
Broome Broome Port 0 km Check MSLP
Cairns Cairns Airport 7 km Check MSLP
Darwin Darwin Harbour 0 km Check MSLP
Esperance Esperance 2 km Check MSLP
Fremantle (Perth) Swanbourne 10 km Check MSLP
Gove Gove Airport 16 km Check MSLP
Hobart Hobart (Ellerslie Road) 1 km Check MSLP
Mackay Mackay MO 0 km Check MSLP
Melbourne Melbourne Olympic Park 7 km Check MSLP
Newcastle Williamtown RAAF 13 km Check MSLP
Sydney Port Botany Sydney Airport MO 4 km Check MSLP
Townsville Townsville Airport 6 km Check MSLP

The Bureau is always recruiting suitable ships into the Australian Voluntary Observing Fleet. If you want to register your ship, please contact marine_obs@bom.gov.au.