Hydrologic Reference Stations


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ACTEW Corporation LimitedCreative CommonsNo attribution required
Department of Environment, Water and Natural ResourcesCreative Commons© Crown in right of the State of South Australia
Department of Natural Resources and MinesCreative Commons© State of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources and Mines)
Department of Land Resource ManagementCreative Commons© Northern Territory Government (Department of Land Resource Management)
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (TAS)Creative Commons© State of Tasmania (Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment)
Department of Sustainability and Environment (Vic)OtherContact for licence:
131 186
PO Box 500
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Department of Sustainability and Environment (Vic)
Department of Water (WA)OtherContact for licence:
08 6364 6505
PO Box K822
Perth WA 6842
Department of Water (WA) Monitoring and data
Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate (ACT)Creative Commons© ACT Environment Protection Authority
Gippsland and Southern Rural Water Corporation (Southern Rural Water)Creative Commons© Gippsland and Southern Rural Water Corporation (Southern Rural Water)
Hydro-electric Corporation (Hydro Tasmania)Creative Commons© Hydro Tasmania (Hydro-electric Corporation)
Melbourne Water Corporation (Melbourne Water)Creative Commons© Melbourne Water Corporation (Melbourne Water)
NSW Office of WaterCreative Commons© State of NSW (NSW Office of Water)
Sydney Catchment AuthorityCreative Commons© Sydney Catchment Authority

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