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National Water Account 2017

Sydney: Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities

Water availability in the Sydney region decreased by 130,526 ML during the 2016–17 year. This is the region's first decrease of water availability in three years. The change in water available in the region at the end of the year is represented by the change in net water assets.



The Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities is provided in the table below. The statement presents the changes in water assets and water liabilities that occurred during the year, including accrual transactions (e.g. allocations and forfeitures) and actual water flows, both natural and engineered.


 2017 ML2016 ML
Water asset increases
Surface water increases4,585,1015,061,325
Discharge: user8280
Claims: inter-region11,83411,834
Flood return41,920
Urban water system increases564,042547,783
Wastewater collected564,042547,783
Total water asset increases5,147,1435,609,108
Water liability decreases
Surface water liability decreases140,849138,889
Adjustment and forfeiture: individual users140,849138,889
Total water liability decreases140,849138,889
Water asset decreases
Surface water decreases4,383,8104,226,406
Diversion: statutory rights32,25732,530
Claims: inter-region8,1227,386
Overbank flow265,696
Urban water system decreases1,039,8781,016,562
Leakage: groundwater41,67037,665
Supply system delivery: urban users502,178491,281
Recycled water delivery: urban users13,59617,502
Discharge: sea456,190432,491
Other supply system decreases11,07610,113
Discharge: landscape940
Other wastewater and recycled water system decreases15,07427,510
Total water asset decreases5,423,6885,242,968
Water liability increases
Surface water liability increases159,394159,390
Allocation: individual users159,394159,390
Total water liability increases159,394159,390
Unaccounted-for difference164,564(189,050)
Change in net water assets(130,526)156,589