Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities

  • Water availability in the Canberra region decreased by 1,709 ML during the 2016–17 year.
  • This followed three consecutive years of increases in water availability in the region.
  • The change in water available in the region at the end of the year is represented by the change in net water assets.


The Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities is prepared according to the Australian Water Accounting Standard 1 and is like an income statement. The statement presents the changes in water assets and water liabilities that occurred during the year, including accrual transactions (e.g. allocations and forfeitures) and actual water flows, both natural and engineered.


 2017 ML2016 ML2015 ML2014 ML
Water inflows1,100,2661,122,577978,236828,231
Surface water inflows1,005,4081,029,074890,916740,773 
Inter-region inflow262,309409,510350,969198,586 
Flood return2,1901,6031,7601,890
Wastewater discharge36,97134,04733,03132,593
Groundwater inflows4,0794,4542,9202,081
Inter-region inflow
Recharge: landscape
Leakage from urban system4,0794,4542,9202,081
Urban water system inflows90,77989,04984,40085,377
Wastewater collected40,82138,64637,28536,682
Delivery: inter-region000
Allocated diversion: surface water49,95850,40347,11548,695
Water outflows1,045,059983,211818,231679,006
Surface water outflows956,074896,377736,992596,286
Overbank flow53,61737,51741,82345,380
Non-allocated diversion: individual users2,8082,5491,6531,156
Allocated diversion: individual users
Allocated diversion: urban system49,95850,40347,11548,695
Groundwater outflows1,2541,2761,061894
Extraction: statutory rights435435435435
Non-allocated extraction: individual users819841626459
Allocated extraction: individual users
Urban water system outflows87,73185,55880,17881,826
Supply system delivery: urban users45,24445,24142,69445,489
Wastewater discharge: landscape33
Wastewater discharge: surface water36,97134,04733,03132,593
Urban leakage to groundwater4,0794,4542,9202,081
Other supply system decreases9491,1871,4051,462
Recycled water delivery: urban users91246128201
Other wastewater and recycled water system decreases39438000
Unaccounted-for difference(56,916)(126,163)(156,490)(104,812)
Unaccounted-for difference - surface water(51,043)(119,494)(150,475)(100,019)
Unaccounted-for difference - groundwater(2,825)(3,178)(1,859)(1,187)
Unaccounted-for difference - urban system(3,048)(3,491)(4,156)(3,606)
Changes in water storage(1,709)13,2033,51544,413
Opening water storages281,677268,474264,959220,546
Changes in water storage(1,709)13,2033,51544,413
Closing water storages279,968281,677268,474264,959
Non-physical water changes0000
Urban water system0000
Claim on surface water for urban use0000
Surface water liabilities0000
Allocation remaining: individual users0000
Allocation remaining: urban water system0000
Groundwater liabilities0000
Allocation remaining: individual users0000
Change in net water assets(1,709)13,2033,51544,413