About Specialised Meteorological Centre

About the Darwin RSMC

Darwin RSMC activities focus primarily on tropical analysis, prognosis and diagnostics. The RSMC area covers the region from 25N to 25S and 70E to 180. However many of the RSMC's products extend to the adjacent subtropics of 40N and 40S.

rsmc vorticity


The RSMC also has activities specialising in:

  • climate information;
  • tropical cyclone advisory services for the north Australian area;
  • volcanic ash advisory services for the region 10N to 40S, 100E to 160E.

Key Functions

  • Data collection and quality control -
    Collection and quality control of real-time synoptic data and other meteorological data over the RSMC area of responsibility.
  • Analyses and forecasts -
    Preparation of analyses for the RSMC area of responsibility and limited area forecast products for 12 to 72 hours ahead (interactive chart viewer).

    Specific RSMC charts include :
  • Tropical cyclone advisories -
    Provision of advisory services relating to tropical cyclones in the north Australian region. Tropical cyclone warnings (when they are current) are available via the Current Tropical Cyclone page.
  • Volcanic ash advisories -
    Provision of advisory services relating to volcanic ash affecting aircraft in the area 10N to 40S, 100E to 160E.
  • Climate monitoring and prediction -
    Summary of recent climate of the RSMC area :

Other Functions

  • Climate diagnosis -
    Preparing special products for non-real-time weather or climate related diagnosis (i.e. 7 or 30 day means, summaries, frequencies and anomalies), e.g. the monthly Darwin Tropical Diagnostic Statement. Related to monsoons and other large scale processes and synoptic scale events.
  • Monitoring and verification -
    Analyses and forecast product intercomparison. Monitoring of observational data quality, verification of the accuracy of prepared forecast fields.
  • Diagnostic studies and numerical model development -
    Applied research capability : The Centre collaborates with the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research and the National Meteorological Operations Centre to introduce the results of numerical model and other research operationally.
  • Archiving -
    Preparing definitive synoptic analyses for archiving.
  • Catalogues of data and products -
    Maintaining a continuously updated catalogue of data and products stored in the system.
  • Training -
    Conducting workshops and seminars on the preparation and use of RSMC products.