Condamine, Balonne and Border Rivers Rainfall and River Conditions

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Map of river data Map of 24 Hour Rain Data Map of Rainfalls Since 9 am Map of Rainfalls for the Past Hour
River Basin Flood Warning Latest River Heights Latest Rainfall Data Radar Flood
Condamine R to Warwick No warning Warwick 1hr, 3hr, 24hr Brisbane Warwick Image , PDF
Myall Creek to Dalby No warning Myall 1hr, 3hr, 24hr Brisbane Myall Image , PDF
Condamine R to Cotswold No warning Condamine 1hr, 3hr, 24hr   Condamine Image , PDF
Balonne R d/s of Cotswold No warning Balonne 1hr, 3hr, 24hr Warrego Balonne Image , PDF
Macintyre/Weir River WARNING Macintyre 1hr, 3hr, 24hr Moree
Macintyre Image , PDF
Nebine/Wallam/Mungallala WARNING Mungallala 1hr, 3hr, 24hr   Mungallala Image , PDF
Moonie WARNING Moonie 1hr, 3hr, 24hr   Moonie Image , PDF