5.1 Surface water allocation remaining

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In the Adelaide region, water allocations in areas with an operational water allocation plan are provided by a water licence and create a water liability for the surface water resource where they occur. In the Adelaide region, only the North Para River and its tributaries have functional water licenses applicable to surface water resources. These water licences are managed under the Barossa Prescribed Water Resources Area (PWRA) Water Allocation Plan, which describes the licence operating conditions including water allocations and carryover rules.

Prescribed surface water resources located outside of the Barossa PWRA are currently managed by a Notice of Prohibition. Under that type of management arrangement, no water liability is created prior to the diversions taking place (see line item 17.6 Diversions - other statutory rights).

For clarity of presentation, water that is categorised as watercourse water in South Australia (as defined by the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (South Australia)), corresponds to surface water reported in the National Water Account.

For further information on surface water rights that create a liability see line item 32.3 Surface water access entitlement for allocation diversion.

The carryover balance (allocation remaining) of the surface water liability, increases due to allocation announcements, physical diversions of allocated water and the volume of water forfeited at the end of the 2010–11 year are provided in the table below. Links to these related line items are also provided in the table below.

Surface water liability calculations during the 2010–11 year


Line item

Volume (ML)

Opening balance

5.1 Surface water allocation remaining



21.1 Surface water allocation announcement



17.11 Surface water allocation diversion



13.1 Adjustment and forfeiture of surface water allocation


Closing balance

5.1 Surface water allocation remaining


The surface water allocation remaining corresponds to the volume of unused allocated water that may be carried forward to the following year, called a rollover allocation. The volume reported as the opening and closing balance was 0 ML. While carryover of surface water allocations in the Barossa PWRA is permitted, this data was not available at the time this report was compiled. For water accounting purposes, where the volume of carryover is not available, the volume of unused allocated water is considered to be forfeited.

Comparative year

In the 2010 Account surface water liabilities were not recognised in the Adelaide region, therefore there was no corresponding line item reported. In the 2011 Account, due to an improved understanding of the nature of surface water rights in the Adelaide region, water licences for surface water diversions in the Barossa PWRA were recognised as surface water liabilities. Restatement of the value published in the 2010 Account was made as the change was material and increased the accuracy and comparability of the information provided to the users of the National Water Account. The restated comparative year volume is 0 ML.