Water market information

Water markets in Australia have an estimated turnover of $1–7 billion annually.

Like any market, water markets rely on good quality information to operate effectively and efficiently. Water agencies in each State and Territory, as well as large rural water utilities, give water trade information to the Bureau of Meteorology which is made publicly available.

The Bureau converts the data into a standardised form for easy comparison across different regions and provides an annual report.

Water markets data includes:

  • water access rights
  • trades or leases of water access entitlements and irrigation rights
  • water allocation announcements and trades.

About water markets

General information about water markets including frequently asked questions

Water markets dashboard

Interactive portal for viewing and comparing water entitlement and allocation trade information

Australian water markets

Annual review and analysis
of water trading activity in Australia

Other products

The Bureau presents water market information in:

Water Markets Reform

As part of the Australia Government's Water Markets Reform Roadmap the Bureau is implementing a water markets data and systems framework (see recommendation 10).

The framework will give water users access to the water market information they need, including:

  • A new Water Data Hub – a digital platform for national water data management
  • A new Water Markets website – allowing farmers to access live water market updates for the first time
  • A new Water Markets Data Standard – enabling transparency and enforceability of data being provided to the Bureau.

These reforms are being implemented over a four-year period from July 2023 to June 2027.


A summary of stakeholder feedback provided to the Bureau first round of consultation in March 2023 is available online - Water Markets Data Standards Consultation Summary of Findings (bom.gov.au)

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