17.5 Overbank flood spilling

Supporting Information

The volume was not quantified in the Water Accounting Statements as it could not be reliably estimated. Large rainfall and river flow volumes were observed in the Ord region during the 2010–11 year, but no volume can be attributed to this item.

Comparative year

The following table compares the value for the 2009–10 year reported in this account with the corresponding value reported in the 2010 Account.

Comparative information from the 2010 Account for line item 17.5

2011 Account line item

2010 Account line item

Value reported in the 2010 Account (ML)

Value reported in the 2011 Account (ML)

Additional information

17.5 Overbank flood spilling

Not applicable


Line item presentation: this is a new line item not reported in the 2010 Account