1.2 Unregulated river

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Unregulated rivers in the Ord region include the Ord, Negri and Wilson Rivers upstream of Lake Argyle, and the Dunham, King and Keep Rivers.

The volume of water in unregulated river storage was not recognised as it could not be adequately quantified.

Unregulated rivers in the Ord region have non-material flows during the middle of the dry season (May–September), unlike the regulated lower Ord River, which receives releases from Lake Argyle for the purpose of maintaining flows in the lower Ord River. As the dry season coincides with the start and end of the reporting period, the amount of water stored in unregulated rivers as at 30 June 2011 does not have a material impact on this water accounting report.

An expansion of the monitoring gauge network and improved understanding of water levels and channel parameters is required to calculate the storage volume of rivers.

Comparative year

The following table compares the value for the 2009–10 year reported in this account with the corresponding value reported in the 2010 Account.

Comparative year information from the 2010 Account for line item 1.2

2011 Account line item

2010 Account line item

Value reported in the 2010 Account (ML)

Value reported in the 2011 Account (ML)

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1.2 Unregulated river

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