21.3 Surface water allocation announcements - irrigation scheme

Supporting Information

The volume recognised in the water accounting statements (338,100 ML) represents the allocation announced for bulk irrigation surface water entitlements in the Ord region during the 2010–11 year.

During the 2010–11 year, the Western Australian Department of Water administered the licences as provided in the table below. 

Surface water irrigation licences in Ord region

Licensee, Source

Allocation announcement (ML)


Ord Irrigation Cooperative Ltd, Main Ord River


Water Corporation (M1 Channel), Main Ord River




Quantification Approach

Data Source

Western Australian Department of Water: Water Resource Licensing database.

Provided by

Western Australian Department of Water.


The allocation announcement is equal to 100% of the annual entitlement.

Assumptions, Limitations, Caveats and Approximations


Uncertainty Information

There is no uncertainty associated with this value.

Comparative year

The following table compares the value for the 2009–10 year reported in this account with the corresponding value reported in the 2010 Account.

Comparative information from the 2010 Account for line item 21.3

2011 Account line item

2010 Account line item

Value reported in the 2010 Account (ML)

Value reported in the 2011 Account (ML)

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21.3 Surface water allocation announcements – irrigation scheme Allocation announcement on regulated flows – bulk irrigator holder



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