South East Queensland
27.1 Off-channel water storages

Supporting Information

The off-channel water store has been excluded from the South East Queensland (SEQ) region in the 2011 Account; therefore, off-channel water store terms do not appear in the water accounting statements.

The following table shows the estimated volume of water stored in off-channel water storages.

Major off-channel storages wtihin the South East Queensland region
Water resource plan (WRP) area River system Count Total surface area Volume
Qty % (m2) (ML)
Gold Coast Coomera River 93 5 3,389,647 6,779
Total Gold Coast WRP area 93 5 3,389,647 6,779
Logan Basin Albert River 102 6 1,671,718 3,343
Logan River 371 22 4,167,129 8,334
Total Logan Basin WRP area 473 28 5,838,847 11,678
Moreton Bremer River 302 18 4,808,992 9,618
Brisbane River 156 9 2,770,688 5,541
Caboolture River 87 5 788,129 1,576
Lockyer River 320 19 7,101,810 14,204
Maroochy River 116 7 1,884,659 3,769
North Pine 53 3 1,611,937 3,224
South Pine 19 1 544,028 1,088
Stanley River 77 5 801,017 1,602
Total Moreton WRP area 1,130 67 20,311,260 40,623
Total SEQ region
1,696 100 29,539,754 59,080

Quantification Approach

Data Source

Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management's (DERM's) Office of the Water Supply Regulation geographic information system (GIS).

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Major off-channel storages were identified and the area estimated using remote sensing with 30 m pixels. Only storages that are referable under the Water Act 2000 (Qld) have been ground inspected and their existence confirmed.

The following criteria were used to classify a body of surface water as off-channel storage:

  • The water body must have a surface area greater than approximately 0.25 Ha.
  • The storage must be human-made.

Ring tanks (turkey nest dams) that meet the above criteria were included in the classification. Ring tanks are above ground water storages where all sides of the storage are man made embankments.

The following criteria were used to estimate the volume in off-channel storages:

  • assumed depth of 2 m for each storage
  • assumed GIS attribute F_area was in square metres.

Assumptions, Limitations, Caveats and Approximations

Some dams may have been omitted during this selection process due to the 30 m pixels used in the remote sensing.

This data is not intended as a complete count of off-channel storages but is an indication of the number of larger dams within each of the SEQ region.

Uncertainty Information

The uncertainty estimate was not quantified.

Comparative year

This line item was not reported in the 2010 Account. Off-channel water storages were reported as Additional information in the 2010 Account.