11.9 Delivery of water to urban water system under inter-region agreement

Supporting Information

Supply from the Fish River Water Supply Scheme (FRWSS), which is an inter-basin transfer, during the 2010–11 year is shown in the following table. The supply was made through Duckmaloi Water Treatment Plant.

Volumes delivered to each agency from the FRWSS

Receiving agency

Volume of water delivered during the 2010–11 year (ML)

Lithgow City Council


Delta Electricity




Water supply from the FRWSS is based on water supply agreements between NSW State Water Corporation and its customers, including Lithgow City Council and Delta Electricity. NSW State Water Corporation has a 'deemed' water management licence for the FRWSS and operates it in collaboration with the Customer Council, of which Lithgow City Council and Delta Electricity are members.

Quantification Approach

Data Source

Delta Electricity and Lithgow City Council: data spreadsheets.

Provided by

Delta Electricity and Lithgow City Council.


Volumes are calculated from annual allocation, carry-over volume and metered supply data. Metered supply data are based on flow measurements by NSW State Water Corporation using ABB Magflow meters.

Assumptions, Limitations, Caveats and Approximations

  • Delta Electricity: nil.
  • Lithgow City Council: nil.

Uncertainty Information

The volume is based on measured data. Estimated uncertainty based on meter accuracy is +/– 2%. Meters are calibrated annually by ABB (meter supplier).

Comparative year

The following table compares the value for the 2009–10 year reported in this account with the corresponding value reported in the 2010 Account.

Comparative information from the 2010 Account for line item 11.9

2011 Account line item

2010 Account line item

Value reported in the 2010 Account (ML)

Value reported in the 2011 Account (ML)

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11.9 Delivery of water to urban system under inter-region agreement 

19.5.6 Other lumped delivery of water transferred in to water distribution system



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