41.4 Transfer of water into storages

Supporting Information

This line item refers to all transfers of water into the surface water storages under various entitlements or arrangements.The total volume for this item is 115,235 ML.

Within the Sydney region, this refers to water that was transferred under the Fish River Water Supply Scheme into the storages of the Sydney Catchment Authority during the 2010–11 year, as well as tranfers and releases of water to storages that were not captured in line item 41.3 Runoff to storages. The volumes captured in this line item are provided in the following table.


Total transfer of water into urban supply storages during the 2010–11 year
Account Volume (ML)

Delivery of water under inter-region agreement (see line item 9.11)

Transfer of water from Nepean to Avon 10,978
Transfer of water from Wingecarribee to Nepean 14,975
Release from Wingecarribee to Warragamba 11,310
Release from Cataract to Broughton Pass Weir 38,069
Release from Nepean to Broughtons Pass Weir 34,413
Release from Cordeaux to Broughtons Pass Weir 5,266
Total 115,235

Quantification Approach

Data Source

Invoices; Daily Return System (DRS) database; Integrated Instrumentation Control Automation and Telemetry System (IICATS) meter readings.

Provided by

Sydney Catchment Authority.


Known release rates from flow meters (full bore magnetic and/or ultrasonic), orifice plates, valves with rating tables or measured outlets were used to derive the volume.

Assumptions, Limitations, Caveats and Approximations

There are minor differences in the supplied volumes recorded by the Sydney Catchment Authority and its recipients. In order to maintain consistency, the values provided by the Sydney Catchment Authority have been used for this line item.

Uncertainty Information

The volume is based on measured data. Estimated uncertainty based on meter accuracy, and professional judgment on rating tables and site configuration issues is +/– 10%.