10.8 Managed aquifer recharge – private user

Supporting information

The volume of water injected into aquifers via a managed aquifer recharge scheme could not be quantified in a way that is complete, neutral and free from material error for the 2011–12 year.

Local councils in the Adelaide region harvested 6,295 ML of stormwater during the 2011 calendar year and used it for managed aquifer recharge, detention basins and wetlands (Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board 2012). It was not possible to split the total volume into those specific uses or to reconcile the volumes recharged for the 2011–12 water year. Refer to Stormwater Management Authority (2009) and Office for Water Security (2010) for more general information on the plans to develop stormwater harvesting in South Australia and the Adelaide region.