1.4 Lakes and wetlands

Supporting information

Lakes and wetlands connected to the surface water are present in the Adelaide region; however their volume could not be quantified in a way that is complete, neutral and free from material error. Therefore, their volume is not recognised in the water accounting statements.

A spatial analysis was used to identify the surface area of lakes and wetlands within 20 m of a watercourse.  The analysis used the spatial data layers 'landscape wetlands' compiled by South Australian Department of Environment and Natural Resources and 'stream orders' compiled by the by the South Australian Department for Water. The following table includes the surface area of wetlands connected to surface water within the Adelaide Region (3,336 ha). The surface area for storages (157 ha) is excluded as volumes associated with these storages are reported at line item 1.1 Storages.

The volume of water held in these lakes and wetlands is considered to be relatively small in size. While lakes and wetlands do provide significant environmental and recreational benefit and are relevant to the region, the omission of their volume is not expected to have a material impact on the volume reported for the surface water store or the surface water balance.

Surface area coverage of lakes and wetlands within the Adelaide region
Complex name
Water regime
Surface area (ha)
Brackish creek floodplain Permanent 3
Unknown 6
Brackish marsh Permanent 7
Seasonal 8
Coastal lagoon Permanent 3
Supratidal flat and flooding 26
Unknown 122
Fleurieu Peninsula swamps Permanent 831
Seasonal 65
Semi-permanent 20
Unknown 1,778
Mount Lofty Hills floodplain Permanent 2
Seasonal 2
Unknown 36
Northern Adelaide and Barossa Permanent 3
Seasonal 1
Seasonal soak 0
Onkaparinga catchment Permanent 174
Permanent soak 1
Seasonal 68
Seasonal soak 1
Temporary 0
Unknown 0
Patawalonga catchment Permanent 3
Seasonal 0
Unknown 0
Torrens catchment Permanent 76
Permanent soak 2
Seasonal 1
Other Permanent 6
Seasonal 74
Unknown 17